Planning Your Voyage

Regardless of where the Samata may be, the extensive services aboard are designed to make guests feel completely at home.

Here you will find the answers to many questions regarding planning for your cruise, as well as details on laundry, luggage, air transport and other facilities.

Air/Sea Transfers

When choosing the Samata for a luxury cruise, our ground staff will customize an air itinerary to meet your special needs. Our knowledgeable and accommodating staff are there to greet guests with a smile, and make their arrival and departure go as smoothly as possible arranging transfers between the arrival city airport and the port of embarkation/disembar­kation. Domestic transfers from the arrival city and the port of embarkation/disembar­kation are charged additionally at cost.

Medical Information

Aboard the Samata any medical emergency is taken seriously. The professional diving instructors are all highly trained in first aid and the yacht is properly equipped with all necessary emergency equipment along with certain medications all available on board. Guests requiring ongoing medication, or having specific dietary needs, are advised to bring an ample supply of medication or dietary supplements with them in their carry-on luggage.


Laundery services are available including washing, pressing and dry cleaning. Services may be arranged through our stewardess who will come round daily to clean your room and to collect any washing or laundry you may have. A full price list is available in the room.

What to Pack?

We recommend a few sets of swimming gear especially if you will plan to dive regularly and bask in the glorious sunshine. Casual and comfortable clothing and a pair of trekking trainers just in case you decide to go ashore and visit the Komodo Dragons. Light comfortable clothing is all you will need otherwise and if you so wish some more formal attire for evening dinners.

Special Dietary Requests

Every meal is an event! The menus are designed to incorporate your food and drink preferences and any special dietary needs, but please tell us in advance so we can cater perfectly to your needs.

Diving Equipment Requirements

All snorkel, fins, masks as well as scuba gear including wetsuits, boots, weights, regulators and scuba tanks are all provided. All we need to know is your size – leave the rest to us. If you do prefer to use your own gear, that is also fine with us, but we will have a back up just in case.

Passport and Visas

Please check with your local embassy, but usually Indonesia has a relaxed policy when it comes to visas and most nationalities can get a 30 day visa upon arrival. This costs 25 USD, but please note passport control only accept US dollars or Euros at the airport arrival.

Fares, Deposits and Payments

We require a 20% deposit upon confirmation of charter, then full payment before you board. We will provide all bank details for swift and easy transfer of funds. For further information on rates and prices, please email:

Weather and Sea journeys

We schedule our trips to be at the most optimum times in the areas we cruise, so it’s usually guaranteed we will have calm, almost still waters, and in any eventuality of rough seas we have ample sea-sickness tablets on board to put your mind at rest. But truly these waters are exceptionally calm on the surface and you will feel you are on land most of the time.