Bali & Lombok

Enchanting island paradises

Both Bali and Lombok are jewels in the crown of Indonesia, graced with beautiful beaches, active nightlife, and enchanting scenery both above and below the waterline. Both these islands offer something for everyone.

Bali: Laid-back luxury – with adventure on the side

Bali is the middle pearl in the necklace of the Indonesian ring of fire, geographically small but culturally immense, Bali has fascinated and influenced visitors from the outside world for centuries.

Combining elements of Hinduism and Buddhism with earlier animist beliefs, Balinese religion pervades all aspects of everyday life. The island has some wonderful golf courses, brilliant night life, beautiful paddy fields surrounded by volcanoes and some special diving sites too.


Hindu Temples and Paddy fields
  • Visit Ancient Hindu Temples
  • Rafting
  • Golf
  • Dive to see giant Sun fish (Mola Mola)
  • Party into Seminyak

Duration: 3-8 days

Time of year: April to September

Giant Sunfish season: December

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Lombok: The quieter side of Bali

Located just east of Bali, Lombok possesses beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls, and the large, looming volcano of Mount Rinjani..

 There are several excellent snorkelling and dive sites between Lombok and the neighbouring delightful and entertaining Gili Islands. Many turtles grace this area










The people of Lombok, the Sasak people, call their island Bumi Gora meaning ‘Dry Farmland’ The name ‘Lombok’ is believed to have come from the fiery red chili peppers that are grown in the country side of Lombok.

Trekking Lombok reveals superb ocean and mountain views and the chance to spot barking deer, macaques and civets. Dive with Mantas, octopus and giant puffer fish. Relax on the Samata whilst sipping a cocktail or fresh juice

High Volcanoes to rich sea life
  • Climb Mount Rinjani
  • Snorkeling around the Gili Islands
  • Party into the night on Gili Trewengan
  • Dive with Mantas, octopus and giant puffer fish
  • Chill on the quiet Gili Meno whilst sipping a cocktail or fresh juice

Duration: 3-8 days

Time of year: April to September

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