Satonda Island

Satonda is a small uninhabited volcanic Island off the northern coast of Sumbawa separated by a narrow straight. The center of the island holds a mysterious salt water lake with clear water that ranges from 15 to about 70 meters in depth. Around the lake you can see where locals have hung rocks from the trees in hopes of having their dreams come true.

There are a couple nice treks around the island where you can see some beautiful panoramic views of the lake and nearby islands. In the overgrown jungle surrounding the island you will find the home of thousands of Fruit Bats, due to their large size they are also known as flying foxes. During the day you can see and hear the bats hanging from the trees at sunset they leave the jungle to find food. This is an incredible site as the ski darkens with thousands of bats making their way to dinner. Along the island you can find great diving with rare species of pigmy seahorses, giant frogfish and some beautiful reefs.